About This Blog:

This is a blog designed by a girl who likes to tell stories and play dress-up. She had this idea one day to start a Fashion Blog (because she really likes buying cloths and talking about it), but it was harder than she thought, because she doesn’t know much about fashion, and she felt kind of silly asking strangers or her mom to take pictures of her. Also, posing is awkward.

  • She really likes Coffee. And Crop tops And printed jeans.
  • She loves pretty gifts.
  • She is brutally honest (Well sometimes).

For business inquiries (because who wouldn’t want to do business with THIS girl?), please contact: ladydabbangblog@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog has been sponsored. All of my opinions are my own. However if Stalk Buy Love wanted to send me a boatload of their latest skirts and dresses to review, I’d be down with that.